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DuraCoat Fungicidal Wash


DuraCoat Fungicidal wash is an anti-fungal solution containing potent fungicides that are effective against fungal and algae growth.

Finish :Clear


Duracoat Fungicidal wash is designed for use in areas which are prone to algae or fungal attack. Such areas are prone to high humidity and perpetual wet conditions.

Method of Application

By brush only. Before application, thin the Fungicidal wash in the ratio of 1 part Fungicidal wash to 3 parts of water. Then apply liberally by brush one coat of the mixture on to areas affected with algae and fungi. Leave for 24hrs.

Then scrape off all the debris. Apply a second coat, allow overnight action, then apply the required finish such as Duracoat Royale emulsions, Duracoat Duraplast, Duracoat Vinyl matt, Duracoat Vinyl Silk and Duracoat Superfast Emulsion


With water:mix 3 part water with 1 part Duracoat Fungicidal wash, by volume.

Spread Rate

Depending on the surface porosity, the spread rate is 19-20sq.metre/litre.However the spread rate can be adversely reduced if the surface is seriously porous or spongy.

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