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DuraCoat Silicone Exterior Emulsion 0

Duracoat Silicone Exterior Emulsion

Duracoat Silicone Exterior Emulsion is a high performance premium grade exterior paint formulated with unique organo-silicone chemistry which imparts visible water repellency. It also allows substrate to breathe almost unhindered. This property minimizes potential for peeling and flaking from entrapped...


Paint Sheens

About Paint Sheens Paints are available in different gloss levels, or how shiny the paint is. • Flat paints leave a duller (or “matte”) finish without shine. Flat paints are usually applied to ceilings and irregular wall surfaces to help...

Acrylic Sealer,Transil 1

Duracoat Acrylic Sealer

Product Description:  Duracoat Acrylic Sealer is based on styrene acrylic, a resin which gives outstanding sealing properties. It is also designed to give a protective transparent coating on monumental stone, coral stone or cement-based stone whose natural appearance is desired....

DuraCoat Real Roc 3

Duracoat Real Roc

Duracoat Real Roc range of textured finishes are formulated by using Light fast pigments, special type of resin, tough aggregates, unique additives to resist fungus, algae and mould growth. It protects the exterior surfaces from rain, sun and dust. Product...

Self Priming Acrylic Roof Paint 0


Product Description: Duracoat Acrylic Roof Paint is a durable and weather resistant roof coating ideal for tiled roofs and cement based surfaces. Superior pigments ensure the colour remains true for along time. Finish: Matt Application: By Roller, Brush or Spray....



Product Description: A premium quality smooth flowing primer that provides excellent abrasion and sealing characteristics for interior surfaces. Ideally suitable for soft boards, gypsum, hardboard and cement plaster. Finish: Matt Application: By brush, roller or spray. Thinning: Supplied ready for...

DuraCoat Supergloss 0

Duracoat Super Gloss Enamel (SG)

Product Description:  Duracoat Super Gloss Enamel is a premium quality protective finish having a rich deep gloss on properly prepared surfaces. It is suitable for use on wood and plaster. This premium quality paint is based on high quality oil-modified...

DuraCoat Kenya basco-paints

DuraCoat Depot Contacts

If you are looking for where to buy Basco Paint premium DuraCoat Paint here is a list of depots and contacts near you. DURACOAT DEPOTS IN KENYA HEAD OFFICE: NORTH AIRPORT ROAD, EMBAKASI,  P.O BOX 34424-00100 NAIROBI, KENYA  HELPLINE NI:0800...

Duracoat Smotex 0


Product Description: Duracoat Smotex Ultimate Smooth Finish is a ready mixed surfacing compound for cement plaster surfaces, appropriately primed wooden surfaces and ceiling boards, hardwood and softwood. It is based on selected fillers and resin and gives excellent smoothness and...

Duracoat  Timberex 0

Duracoat Timberex

Duracoat Timberex is absorbed deeply into the timber to provide exceptional protection against wood rotting fungi and wood destroying insects.  It is suitable for both new and previously treated timber surfaces. Timberex is based on special type of resin which...

DuraCoat Duraplast 3


Product Description:  Duracoat Duraplast is a special quality emulsion paint manufactured from acrylic resin and high-quality pigments. It is formed to give long term protection for interior, exterior and masonry walls. It contains a special fungicide that makes it potent...

DuraCoat Zinc Chromate primer 0

Duracoat Zinc Chromate Primer

DuraProduct Description: Duracoat Zinc Chromate Primer is designed to give maximum corrosion inhibition to ferrous surfaces and good adhesion to non-ferrous substrates, providing key for subsequent coats of paint. As it is lead free, it is frequently recommended for use...



There are many types of paint failures but the causes for different paint failures are very common i.e. moisture, poor surface preparation etc. Give below are some easy remedies for different for different paint failures. FLAKING Top coat flanking with...

DuraCoat Vinylmatt 1


Product description  A premium quality emulsion paint for application on internal or external walls of buildings. DuraCoat Vinyl Matt Emulsion is suitable for new and previously painted surfaces on cement plaster, brick, ceilings, hardboards, softboards etc.  Finish: Matt  Application: By...

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