60 30 10 rule 60%

How to Decorate a Room With the 60 30 10 Rule and Make It Stunning

Most people are probably worried about painting their house, right? But don’t know where to start.How do we make the color tone that we choose match or how do we pick the color? To make our room look stylish and elegant.

With the 60:30:10 rule, it divides the ratio of colors in the room as follows:

60% primary color

60 30 10 rule 60%

This is usually the main color in the room. It’s advisable to use this on walls, ceilings, or the largest pieces of damp furniture in the room. By choosing to use soft colors such as white, cream or gray to control the atmosphere.

Secondary color 30%

60 30 10 rule

Secondary colors are colors that will complement your room and make your room look more interesting. And also makes your room’s color scheme look more aesthetically pleasing as well. They are typically used with medium-sized items such as sofas, curtains, and carpets.

Highlight color 10%

60 30 10 rule

Most of the highlight colors we use are dark tones. Because this color will help make your room stand out and appear unique. The dark tone also contrasts with the light tone that is the main and secondary color as well. Makes our room look more dimensional and interesting. By using the highlight color, it is often used with pillows, vases, lamps and adding patterns to help your room look more playful and modern as well.

With tips for decorating a room with the 60:30:10 rule, I believe that many of you have already mastered the use of different colors, whether it’s the main color, secondary color, and highlight color. Whether you are at home or at work, you can apply it.

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