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African Inspired Interior Design Ideas

African Prints have exploded all over the world. Also known as Ankara or Kitenge, it’s been introduced more and more into interior design and now found it’s own firm footing. These interior designs below reeks of African heritage. Everything is...

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Stylishly Simple Exterior Colours

The exteriors are the first thing someone sees as soon as they enter your house. Hence, the rule of first impression is the last impression correctly applies here. Unlike interiors, painting your exteriors does not come with a series of...

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Inspiring exterior colours ideas for 2021

Exterior paint schemes typically involve three colours;the dominant colour used to paint the walls, the secondary colour used to paint such areas as patios and verandas, and the trim colour, used to accent such areas as, eaves, posts and window...

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10 Modern Stylish TV Cabinet Designs

A TV Cabinet is often one of the main elements of the interior, so the background and decorative walls should be in harmony with both the TV and and the TV cabinet. A popular trend is the installation of recesses...

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Basco Value(BV) Economy Range Price List

Basco Products provides an economy-friendly range under the flagship name Basco Value for those who want affordable paint or a quick, price-friendly paint job. Below is the price list for the Basco Value products.

DuraCoat Silicone Exterior Emulsion 2

Duracoat Silicone Exterior Emulsion

Duracoat Silicone Exterior Emulsion is a high performance premium grade exterior paint formulated with unique organo-silicone chemistry which imparts visible water repellency. It also allows substrate to breathe almost unhindered. This property minimizes potential for peeling and flaking from entrapped...

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9 Best Interior Design Colours for 2021

Home Wall Painting & Colour Combination indeed keeps changing with the trends. Now, people are looking for something that is not the traditional creams and whites. With a change in mentality and trends, people look forward to expressing themselves with...

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DuraCoat Classic Colour Chart

When it comes to interior and exterior colours, Basco Paints brags of over 5000 colours for their DuraCoat premium range of products for both interior and exterior walls irrespective of whether you’re looking for interior emulsion paints, gloss paints or...



ATRACTO GOLD Water-based Decorative finish with Crystal Effect. DESCRIPTION Atracto is a decorative finish for interiors with special iridescent effect, soft to the touch and with a silky appearance, perfect for creating classic and modern atmospheres. SPECIFICATION It’s washable It’s...


Interior Design for Small Spaces

  Interior design is about much more than merely having good taste. Designing elegant and chic interiors requires knowledge, resourcefulness and creativity, especially in small spaces. As with most art forms, interior design is highly subjective; however, with the right...


Color Theory and Terminology

Theories abound about how surfaces affect mood, atmosphere, comfort, and the basic ways a space is inhabited. The different ways in which designers approach these ideas have created some of the most challenging and thoughtful expressions of what an interior...



Ladder Features An important consideration when selling a ladder is its construction. • Wood ladders are non-conductive when clean and dry, but heavy. • Fiberglass ladders offer a favorable blend of the more desirable qualities of wood and aluminum. It’s...


Surface Preparation Tools

  Scraper • Similar in appearance to a joint taping knife but primarily used for scraping off old paint, digging out old compounds and opening cracks. • The most popular length is 3”. • Blades can be stiff or flexible...

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Painting & Finishing Tools

Brushes Brushes are available in either natural bristles or synthetic filaments. • Natural bristle brushes are made from animal hair. Use them for applying oil-based coatings. • Synthetic brushes have filaments made from nylon, polyester, Chinex or a combination. Use...

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Interior Colours Ideas

The following are some of the most amazing interior and exterior colours that are so inspirational if they are painted in your house.The shades are found in most of the Piant dealers in Kenya especially Crown Paints and DuraCoat Products.Kindly...

DuraCoat Real Roc 4

Duracoat Real Roc

Duracoat Real Roc range of textured finishes are formulated by using Light fast pigments, special type of resin, tough aggregates, unique additives to resist fungus, algae and mould growth. It protects the exterior surfaces from rain, sun and dust. Product...

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Product Description: Duracoat Smotex Ultimate Smooth Finish is a ready mixed surfacing compound for cement plaster surfaces, appropriately primed wooden surfaces and ceiling boards, hardwood and softwood. It is based on selected fillers and resin and gives excellent smoothness and...

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