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4 Best Ways to Get Rid of Paint Odor

Be it interior emulsions, exterior paints, or texture paints – every paint contains chemicals which release exasperating fumes. The problem of irritating odor is particularly prominent in newly painted homes. Mostly, ensuring proper ventilation can be a solution for getting...


San Deco: Decocam Glassplaster

DESCRIPTION DECOCAM is an acrylic emulsion based, decorative plaster composed with ready colour glass particles. It is suitable for interior use but there is also exterior version is available. APPLICATION AREA It is used in all kinds of interior/exterior surfaces,...


Oil based or Water based Paint?

Determining which type of paint is most suitable for you and your paint project’s needs is an important step of completing your project. Check out the below information as we break down the difference between water and oil based paints,...



ATRACTO GOLD Water-based Decorative finish with Crystal Effect. DESCRIPTION Atracto is a decorative finish for interiors with special iridescent effect, soft to the touch and with a silky appearance, perfect for creating classic and modern atmospheres. SPECIFICATION APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS Ensure...

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Interior Colours Ideas

The following are some of the most amazing interior and exterior colours that are so inspirational if they are painted in your house.The shades are found in most of the Piant dealers in Kenya especially Crown Paints and DuraCoat Products.Kindly...

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Duracoat Acrylic Sealer

Product Description:  Duracoat Acrylic Sealer is based on styrene acrylic, a resin which gives outstanding sealing properties. It is also designed to give a protective transparent coating on monumental stone, coral stone or cement-based stone whose natural appearance is desired....

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Product Description: Duracoat Acrylic Roof Paint is a durable and weather resistant roof coating ideal for tiled roofs and cement based surfaces. Superior pigments ensure the colour remains true for along time. Finish: Matt Application: By Roller, Brush or Spray....

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DuraCoat Depot Contacts

If you are looking for where to buy Basco Paint premium DuraCoat Paint here is a list of depots and contacts near you. DURACOAT DEPOTS IN KENYA HEAD OFFICE: NORTH AIRPORT ROAD, EMBAKASI,  P.O BOX 34424-00100 NAIROBI, KENYA  HELPLINE NI:0800...



The best thing in life are for free; sunshine, rain, air and of course painting tips from paint experts. Painting a swimming pool is not a job that you can wake up one day and decide that you want to...

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Good quality paint brushes improve with its use, as the tips become rounded and loose bristles fall off. It is highly recommended that a painter uses new brushes on undercoats and save their best-matured brushes for topcoats. Cheap brushes usually...



Car Paint Protection One of the realities of car ownership is that overtime, paint experiences fading and damage from a number of sources. The good news is many of these issues can be avoided. The cause Sunshine–Just like you protect...

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