Home expert opinion 5 Major Signs It’s Time to Repaint Your Interior Walls

5 Major Signs It’s Time to Repaint Your Interior Walls

5 Major Signs It’s Time to Repaint Your Interior Walls

Though there are no fixed rules as to how often you need to repaint, there are some tell-tale signs that your interiors are calling for a fresh coat of paint. Compared to other home improvement projects, interior home painting is less expensive and makes a bigger impact. 

In a bid to avoid more damage that could knock on your door in the future, it’s always better to stay prepared beforehand and start noticing the condition of your interior paint. If you notice any of the 5 signs below, it may be time to consider repainting your walls.

Paint has started to peel

Quality paints aren’t supposed to peel. However, there can be instances where moisture seeps through the outer layer and make certain rooms in your house more vulnerable to peeling. It usually occurs in wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. If the peeling paint isn’t dealt with immediately, it could lead to mould growth and further damage.

Walls are covered with scuff marks

Scuff marks are just a normal part of the wear and tear that comes over the years in rooms with maximum occupancy. When there are too many permanent marks on your walls, it can be an eyesore to look at regularly. Thus, a fresh coat of paint would be the easiest solution to take care of the blemishes and make the walls look cleaner.

Visible fading

High-quality paint keeps its colour longer. However, extended exposure to sunlight can cause the colours of your wall paint to subdue over time. Sometimes, fading can also occur in shadier areas of your home due to water intrusion. To keep the aesthetic appeal of your walls intact, you might as well consider repainting as your best option.


A proper paint job follows all the required preparation steps. However, if the surface was not maintained before painting or was damp during the process, small bubbles and blisters can come up below the paint film. You can thus take care of the bubbles and avoid further damage with a new coat of paint.

You’re planning to sell your home

Apart from the reasons revolving around the quality and aesthetics of your interior walls, there’s one more reason to consider. Homes sell easier when they are painted in neutral colours. After all, a prospective buyer doesn’t want to worry about repainting as the first thing they’re compelled to do. While bold colours are perfect if you plan on staying for the long term, you’re better off painting your home in neutrals to attract homebuyers. 

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