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What is the difference between a Stain and a...

Staining wood is a great way to change or add colour to the timber, it can also help to enhance the natural...

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Ladder Features An important consideration when selling a ladder is its construction. • Wood ladders are non-conductive when clean and dry, but...

New Zawadika Na Marangi

How does the zawadika na marangi loyalty program work? Register for Zawadika na Marangi Loyalty Program using...

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Color Theory and Terminology

Theories abound about how surfaces affect mood, atmosphere, comfort, and the basic ways a space is inhabited. The different ways in which...
Crown Paints Ambiance Colour Chart

Crown Paints – Ambiance Colour Chart

The indicative Colours can be found in Crown Silk Vinyl Emulsion, Crown Permaplast Long Life Exterior Paint, Crown Paints Permacote Teflon,...

DuraCoat Fungicidal Wash

DuraCoat Fungicidal wash is an anti-fungal solution containing potent fungicides that are effective against fungal and algae growth.

Oil based or Water based Paint?

Determining which type of paint is most suitable for you and your paint project’s needs is an important step of completing your...

Priming Metal Surfaces

Different types of metals demand different systems in preparing the surface coating and decoration. The correct choise of primer is essential. In...

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