Product description 

DuraCoat SuperFast Emulsion is a trade quality emulsion paint used for both interior and exterior. It is based on the Acrylic/Vinyl copolymer resin with good quality pigments. It has excellent hiding power and the porous nature of the film allows new surfaces to breath and dry out easily. It contains lead free pigments making it non- toxic. 

Finish: Matt 

Application: By brush, roller or spray 


Supplied ready for use but for ease of application up to 10% water may be used to thin it down 

Drying time: Tough Dry: 10-15 mins 

                        Re coating: 1-2 hours 


 Clean all equipment with water 

Colour Range:  

Available in a wide range of colours from DuraCoat Colour cards and DuraCoat Classic Fan       Deck. 

Spread Rate:  

The spread rate varies considerably depending on the texture, porosity of the surface being painted. The approximate spread varies as follows: 

Types of Surfaces New or Unpainted Previously Painted 

Smooth Plaster 12-13 m2/litre 14-15 m2/litre 

Wood float Plaster 9-10 m2/litre 11-12 m2/litre 

Rough Cast 4-6 m2/litre 5-7 m2/litre 

Pack Sizes: 1 litre, 4 litre, 20 litre 


Ensure surface to be painted is clean, dry, free from dust, grease, oil or any loose materials. 

  1. New Cement or Plaster Surfaces: If the surface is dry and absorbent, the first coat should be thinned with up to 10% of water. Follow up with one or two coats of unthinned paint. Where one coat is recommended, avoid thinning altogether. 
  1. Bricks and Asbestos Surfaces: These should be sealed with one coat of DuraCoat Acrylic Sealer to reduce absorption followed by two coats of DuraCoat SuperFast Emulsion Paint. 
  1. Previously Painted Surface: If the existing paint work is in good condition, then the surface should be cleaned, rubbed down and two coats of DuraCoat SuperFast Emulsion applied. 
  1. Unpainted Hardboards or Plaster Boards: Apply one coat of DuraCoat White or Pink wood Primer followed by one coat of DuraCoat Emulsion Undercoat, then apply two coats of DuraCoat SuperFast Emulsion Paint. 

Declaimer: Products and prices quoted here are property of Basco Products(K) Limited and they own all rights to it. 


  1. This pricelist cancels all previous price lists.
  1. All prices quoted herein are subject to VAT. 
  1. A 4.5% transport fee is charged for deliveries outside Nairobi or goods collected from our depots. 
  1. Prices are subject to change without notice. 
  1. The spreading rates and coverages indicated above should only be used as a guide line. 
  1. Please check with us for availability of stocks before confirming orders to third parties. 
  1. All special textured finishes require advance payment 
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