Paint Sheens

About Paint Sheens

Paints are available in different gloss levels, or how shiny the paint is.

• Flat paints leave a duller (or “matte”) finish without shine. Flat paints are usually applied to ceilings and irregular wall surfaces to help hide imperfections. Not recommended in rooms that require frequent washing, such as in kitchens and baths.

• Eggshell is a paint that has a little more sheen than a flat paint, which makes it easier to clean and gives it a more lustrous appearance. It can be used in place of semi-gloss to provide a less shiny finish.

• Satin finish is typically recommended for most walls. Although low in sheen, it is easier to clean than flat paints due to its higher binder content. It is usually a little shinier than an eggshell but less shiny than a semi-gloss.

• Semi-gloss is best for areas that need to be durable and washable, such as windows, doors, wood trim and other woodwork, since these surfaces get more wear, fingerprints and soil than walls.

• High-gloss provides a tough, washable finish for areas that endure a lot of traffic or wear and for rooms that require resistance to moisture, dirt and grease—such as the bathroom and kitchen.

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