Surface Preparation Tools



• Similar in appearance to a joint taping knife but primarily used for scraping off old paint,

digging out old compounds and opening cracks.

• The most popular length is 3”.

• Blades can be stiff or flexible for different tasks.


Putty Knife

• The putty knife looks similar to the scraper, but has a smaller blade, usually 1-1/4” and 1-1/2”. Use it for applying putty and spackling.



Wall Scraper

• Use it to scrape old wallpaper off walls and peel paint from work surfaces.

• Blade is removable for replacement and is secured with screws.

• Angled head offers enhanced leverage.

• Many now come with ergonomic rubber grip handles for enhanced comfort.





Pull Scraper

• Also called a wood scraper or paint and varnish scraper.

• Removes old finishes and smoothes the surface with its sharp cutting blade.

• The large handle also serves as a hammer head.

• Often used with paint strippers and other chemical removers.

• Blade sizes range from 1” to 5”.

• Replaceable blades are usually made from tempered, high-carbon steel.


Glass/Paint Scraper

• Used to scrape excess paint off windows.

• Can accommodate either single- or double-edge razor blades.

• The most popular type has a retractable blade that slides into the handle when not in use.




Masking Tape

• Also called painter’s tape, it is a general-purpose, pressure-sensitive tape.

• Use it to mask off areas not intended to be painted.

• All-purpose tapes are increasingly being replaced by specific tapes designed for tasks such as baseboards and trim, glass, hard-to-stick surfaces, lacquer surfaces, brick and tile and delicate surfaces.

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