Car Paint Protection

One of the realities of car ownership is that overtime, paint experiences fading and damage from a number of sources. The good news is many of these issues can be avoided.

The cause

  1. SunshineJust like you protect your skin when you are in the sun too long, it’s important to be aware that ultraviolet radiation from the sun can damage  your cars paint if it not under a cover. Car paint is porous too and in the hot sun, these pores grow and trap more moisture, dust and dirt.
  • Bird droppings They might seem like an insignificant annoyance but bird droppings are actually threatening to your vehicle paint. The acid in the uninvited can eat through car paint, so watch out when parking your car under busy trees.
  • Salty Airfor those that live in the coastal cities such as Mombasa, the trouble is caused by a mix of salty air combined with wind, sun sand particles and moisture. These can cause rust spots and fade on car paint.

The Solutions

Don’t worry; car paint protection isn’t all doom and gloom. Here are a few tips that will help when it comes to protecting car paint:

  1. Regular WaxingA lot of car lovers will tell you that regular waxing is a good way to protect your paint job and they’re not wrong! The waxing creates a thin protective layer around your paint, just remember, using the right waxing is just as important.
  • Ceramic coating and paint protectionCars are made to be driven and enjoyed, so you should have peace of mind that your new paint job is protected when you take it out for a spin. The ceramic coating protects paint much longer than waxing as it gives you genuine all-weather protection and a tough shell, protecting your car paint from environmental contaminants right through to superficial scratches.
  • Garages and shade structures–  Keeping the vehicle out of the sun and away from pesky birds at the same time is a great way to prolong the life of your car’s paint. Shade options range from pop-up structures to professionally built carports, or you can go to the extra mile and fully protect your ride with a lock-up garage.
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