San Deco: Decocam Glassplaster


DECOCAM is an acrylic emulsion based, decorative plaster composed with ready colour glass particles. It is suitable for interior use but there is also exterior version is available.


It is used in all kinds of interior/exterior surfaces, on mineral surfaces like rough plaster, exposed concrete, surfaces with old paint on it or cement sheet, with its suitable primer.


Provides a modern look on the applied environments with its sparkling surface.

Due to its high vapor permeability, it allows surface to discharge the steam and breathe.

During application it covers up the faults on the surface with the thick layer of film that forms.

As it is water-based, it is harmless to human health and environment

It provides a pleasant odour in the application environments with its perfumed feature.


After cleaning all kinds of dirt, oil, blistered paint and dust from the application surfaces, surface defects should be corrected with SAN DECO ACRYLIC PUTTY INTERIOR and surfaces should be primed with SAN DECO DECOPRIMER.


After primer application, apply DECOCAM with steel trowel as single coat. DECOCAM can be used without dilution, but water can also be added to achieve the desired consistency for easier application.

Product should be spread in even thickness to the entire surface with steel trowel. Trowel should be cleaned sometimes if it is needed.

Application method video demo


Allow 24 hours for touch dry and 48-72 hours for complete dry at 23°C environment conditions.


Depending on the surface smoothness, its porosity and the application methods, for a single coat application:

– 1 lt covers 0,35 — 0,45 m? of surface

– 1 kg covers 0,20 — 0,25 m? of surface


It should be stored 1 year in a sealed package, cool and dry place and protected from direct sunlight;

Decocam Glassplaster Chart

Below is the Decocam glassplater Catalogue for you to select the colour options available

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