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Frequently Asked Questions


Below are the frequently asked questions in regards to applying paints. We hope you find this informative and if you have any further inquiries, leave your questions in the comments box below and will get you answered.

Emulsion paint is any water based paint.Oil based paint are largely refered to as gloss or enamel. The choice of undercoat frequently depends on the type of finish that will be applied of the wall. If an emulsion paint(water based finish) is to be applied as the final, then the undercoat should definitely be an emulsion. If the finish is gloss, the undercoat should be gloss(oil based). The best emulsion based(water based) undercoat is the Duracoat Emulsion undercoat since it has priming feature and highly bonds well with the wall. Though it's meant to be used as a finish, Duracoat Superfast and Duracoat Tosha CAN be used as undercoat.

A previously painted gloss was can be converted to an emulsion paint by using Duracoat Universal Undercoat as the base coat/undercoat then followed by the final finish either Viny Silk or Vinylmatt depending on your choice of finish.

The cost of apply emulsion paint reduces aignifically by almost 2/4 compared to gloss paint. As with gloss paint, you need a gloss undercoat, a gloss paint and the thinner which are all hightly expensive. Emulsion are cheaper and thinning is done using water. This reduces the cost significantly.

From the english word "matt" which means dull, Vinyl matt is an option for customer who don't like silky(shiny) or glossy paint because they reflect alot of light. It can be used both for interior and exterior wall since it also offers water repellent features. A good application scenario where vinylmatt best fits are photo studio where not alot of reflection is required, or a cinema.

Vinyl Silk is a emulsion paint(water-based) that gives a silky finish to your wall. It is an interior paint best fit for interior walls.

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