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Duracoat Smotex
Duracoat Smotex

Product Description: Duracoat Smotex Ultimate Smooth Finish is a ready mixed surfacing compound for cement plaster surfaces, appropriately primed wooden surfaces and ceiling boards, hardwood and softwood. It is based on selected fillers and resin and gives excellent smoothness and superior whiteness. Different texture effects can be achieved by using different application techniques.

Finish: Matt

Application: By recommended equipment i.e. Spatula, Trowel, Roller, Spray, Brush.

Thinning: Clean water for applicability otherwise supplied ready for use.

Cleaning: Clean equipment with water immediately.

Colour Range: White

Drying Time: Touch dry: 40 minutes. Hard dry: 8 to 10 hrs

Spread Rate: Approximately 1 kg per sq. mt. May vary depending on application thickness, and texture of substrate.

Film Thickness: Should be kept at an average of 1.0 mm as applications whose thickness is over 1.5 mm may lead to cracking.

Pack Sizes: 1kg, 5kgs, 25kgs

Shelf Life: Over 1 year in a sealed container, stored in a cool dry place at average room temperatures.


Duracoat Smotex Ultimate Smooth Finish will hide constructional imperfections on cement plaster, block-board and ceiling joints. Good adhesion ensuring long life to subsequent paint systems, without cracking or peeling off. With non-toxic and good film-breathing properties, Duracoat Smotex Ultimate Smooth Finish is environmentally friendly.

  • If final coat is one of the high quality Duracoat emulsions, it will be necessary to thoroughly dust off sanding residue before applying the Emulsion Finish.
  • If final coat is one of the high quality Duracoat glosses then one coat of Duracoat Universal Undercoat will be mandatory after thoroughly dusting off the sanded Duracoat Smotex Ultimate Smooth Finish.

New and old cement plaster surfaces: Surface must be dry and free of loose material. Apply appropriate primer first. Apply one coat of Duracoat Smotex Utimate Smooth Finish on all joints and about 200 mm on each side of joint. Allow to dry hard and smoothen with sandpaper. If joint too wide on plaster boards, fix with fiberglass scrim. Apply two coats of Duracoat Smotex Ultimate Smooth Finish, leveling out to smooth surface or desired hard pattern on final coat ready for decoration allowing hard drying in between coats.

Block-boards, ceiling-boards, hard and soft wood surfaces: Surface must be appropriately primed with Duracoat Wood Primer, Duracoat Vinyl Matt or Duracoat Superfast Emulsion to satisfy the high absorbance. Follow the same procedure as in cement plaster surfaces above.

Brick and asbestos surfaces: Same procedure as in cement plaster surfaces. 

         APPLICATION 20kg 5kg 1kg

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