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Duracoat Timberex

DuraCoat timberex
Duracoat Timberex

Duracoat Timberex is absorbed deeply into the timber to provide exceptional protection against wood rotting fungi and wood destroying insects.  It is suitable for both new and previously treated timber surfaces. Timberex is based on special type of resin which prevents cracking and flaking. It penetrates into the wood with excellent adhesion, building a thin film layer in two coats. The thin film layer allows the timber to breathe and prevents moisture build up and reduces the possibility of decay. It also provides excellent water repellency.

Finish: Matt to semi matt sheen

Application: By brush or cloth rag

Thinning: The product is ready to use. IT SHOULD NEVER BE THINNED.

Drying Time: 8-10 hours

Cleaning: Clean all the equipments with Duracoat White Spirit

Color Range: Available in 16 standard colours

Spread Rate: 8-12 Sq.m/Litre

Pack Size: 1 litre and 5 litres

Directions for use:

Timber surfaces must be suitably prepared, clean, sound and dry. All coatings should be completely removed. Grey denatured timber must be mechanically sanded back to a bare clean surface. The moisture content should not exceed 18% prior to coating. Resinous deposits should be removed with a scraper, any remaining resinous residues should be removed using clean, lint free cloths, dampened with white spirits. 

Stir well before and frequently during use. Before staining entire surface, always check colour by applying stain to an extra piece of the same wood. Apply a uniform coat of stain using a clean, lint free cloth or brush. Depth of colour can be controlled by wiping the stain with a clean, lint free cloth to remove the desired amount of excess stain. If a deeper colour is desired, an additional application of stain may be applied after the previous coat is dry.


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