It goes without saying that colour will most surely draw your eyes to the beauty in a home, office or object. More often than not, it isn’t usually just about the colour of the paint as much as its quality and texture. However, imagine a world where you could combine the whole range of colour from the colour spectrum, intertwined with various textures and finishes to create those glossy walls you’ve been yearning for? 

Therefore, its not surprising that when it comes to choosing the right colour for the office space, most business opt to brand their logos and office with colour that represent their core values. That’s why its common to see different hues of blue in hospitals as well as banks, Blue is often associated with serenity, dependability, assurance, loyalty and an atmosphere of being focused and committed. If you are a gentleman trying to impress a lady on the first date, a darker hue of blue is definitely one to consider as it gives off an illusion of assurance that she is in the right hand. 

Hues of red are often synonymous with eateries, advertising agencies as well as media agencies because red is naturally meant to grab one’s attentions, increase and satiating appetite levels while exciting the senses. It should, therefore, not be surprising that if you are a guy, you might probably be drawn to that bold red lipstick shade or dress. 

If you are looking to give off an aura of taste, being expensive, luxurious or bourgeoise, then purple is definitely the colour you should adorn yourself with. If scaled down a couple of shades, purple can create lavender, which alludes to being wise and relaxed. That being said, purple is not a colour that should be worn too often, as it will be confused for being phoney. 

On those dreary work out mornings in the gym, orange should definitely be your go-to colour. See the thing with orange is that it makes you feel alive, determined and competitive. So next time you are dreading to wake up for a morning run, throw on an orange jumper, get running and loose those kilos. 

Yellow, just like the sun, can often allude to the feelings of happiness, creativity, light as well as caution. If rejuvenation, optimism, growth and youthfulness are what you are seeking to communicate, green is definitely the right colour. Have you ever wondered why the logos on NGOs or hospitals are painted green? It could be possible that they are trying to convey a feeling of hope, refreshment and encouragement to those they are serving. 

If you ever got caught in an argument, no colour like grey is more indicative of being passive-aggressive. It gives off this energy without too much effort. So next time you get into a confrontation with your significant other, why not get them a grey coloured gift? 

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