Monthly Archive: April 2021

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Duracoat Timberex Chart

Duracoat Timberex is absorbed deeply into the timber to provide exceptional protection against wood-rotting fungi and wood-destroying insects. It is suitable for both new and previously treated timber surfaces. Timberex is based on a special type of resin that prevents...

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10 Modern Stylish TV Cabinet Designs

A TV Cabinet is often one of the main elements of the interior, so the background and decorative walls should be in harmony with both the TV and and the TV cabinet. A popular trend is the installation of recesses...

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Basco Value(BV) Economy Range Price List

Basco Products provides an economy-friendly range under the flagship name Basco Value for those who want affordable paint or a quick, price-friendly paint job. Below is the price list for the Basco Value products.

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