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Interior Design for Small Spaces

  Interior design is about much more than merely having good taste. Designing elegant and chic interiors requires knowledge, resourcefulness and creativity, especially in small spaces. As with most art forms, interior design is highly subjective; however, with the right...


Color Theory and Terminology

Theories abound about how surfaces affect mood, atmosphere, comfort, and the basic ways a space is inhabited. The different ways in which designers approach these ideas have created some of the most challenging and thoughtful expressions of what an interior...



Ladder Features An important consideration when selling a ladder is its construction. • Wood ladders are non-conductive when clean and dry, but heavy. • Fiberglass ladders offer a favorable blend of the more desirable qualities of wood and aluminum. It’s...


Surface Preparation Tools

  Scraper • Similar in appearance to a joint taping knife but primarily used for scraping off old paint, digging out old compounds and opening cracks. • The most popular length is 3”. • Blades can be stiff or flexible...


Paint Sheens

About Paint Sheens Paints are available in different gloss levels, or how shiny the paint is. • Flat paints leave a duller (or “matte”) finish without shine. Flat paints are usually applied to ceilings and irregular wall surfaces to help...

Painting & Finishing Tools 0

Painting & Finishing Tools

Brushes Brushes are available in either natural bristles or synthetic filaments. • Natural bristle brushes are made from animal hair. Use them for applying oil-based coatings. • Synthetic brushes have filaments made from nylon, polyester, Chinex or a combination. Use...

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