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Duracoat Real Roc


Duracoat Real Roc range of textured finishes are formulated by using Light fast pigments, special type of resin, tough aggregates, unique additives to resist fungus, algae and mould growth. It protects the exterior surfaces from rain, sun and dust.

Product Description: 

The Real Roc product range comprises of four different finishes;

Stone Finish

  1. 0.5mm textured finish
  2. 1 mm textured finish
  3. 2 mm textured finish

Special Features

  • Withstand extreme climatic conditions
  • Forms a full-bodied flexible film which moves with temperature and bridges hair cracks.
  • Contains special additives which protect algae and fungal growth and hence has excellent anti-algae/fungal properties.
  • Is a thicker coating than any normal finish
  • Gives extra protection because it has higher film thickness.
  • Has high water repellency and excellent opacity
  • Exhibits outstanding color fastness
  • Is crack resistant
  • Has excellent heat, light and alkali resistance
  • Is extremely durable and gives beautiful matt finish.

Recommended Usage

Real Roc finishes are recommended for interior and exterior application. It can be applied on a variety of surfaces such as plaster, brickwork, concrete, hardboard etc. by using suitable priming coat.

Application Method

It is highly recommended that one coat of suitable undercoat be applied with brush on all the surfaces. The colour of the undercoat should be close to the colour of the Real Roc final Product. All Real Roc products should be applied with stainless steel trowel, for finishing use special plastic trowel. Do not apply any of the textured finish when raining or if rain is forecasted within 5 hours from the time you start application.


New and Unpainted Surfaces

All surfaces must be clean, dry and free from dust, grease or nay loose materials. Apply one coat of Emulsion Undercoat.

Previously Painted Surfaces in Sound Conditions

If existing paint work is in a good condition, the surface should only be cleaned, sanded and one coat of undercoat applied.

Previously Painted Surfaces in Unsound Conditions

Apply one coat of Duracoat White or Pink wood Primer followed by one coat of Duracoat Emulsion Undercoat.

Brick and Asbestos

These should be sealed with one coat of Duracoat Acrylic Sealer to reduce absorption followed by one coat of Emulsion Undercoat.


Supplied ready for use, however if thinning is required add small amount of clean water.

Drying time: 

Surface Dry- 1 hour. Hard Dry:24 hours


Clean equipment immediately with water.

Colour Range: A wide range of shades available from the Duracoat colour chart, Duracoat Classic and Colour Plus fandecks.

Spread Rate: 

Stone Finish: Approximately 4kg for 1sq/m

0.5mm textured finish: Approximately 3kg for 1sq/m

1 mm textured finish: Approximately 3kg for 1sq/m

2 mm textured finish: Approximately 3kg for 1sq/m

Pack Sizes: 

30KG buckets


(Available in 0.5 mm, 1 mm, 2 mm and 3 mm thickness)

Declaimer: Products and prices quoted here are property of Basco Products(K) Limited and they own all rights to it.                                      

  1. This pricelist cancels all previous pricelists.
  2. All prices quoted herein are subject to VAT.
  3. A 4.5% transport fee is charged for deliveries outside Nairobi or goods collected from our depots.
  4. Prices are subject to change without notice.
  5. The spreading rates and coverages indicated above should only be used as a guide line.
  6. Please check with us for availability of stocks before confirming orders to third parties.

All special textured finishes require advance payment

It’s the best alternative to Crown Paints Ruff and Tuff.

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