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Duracoat and Crown Paints colour chart; (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle ||...

Crown Paints – Ambiance Colour Chart

The indicative Colours can be found in Crown Silk Vinyl Emulsion, Crown Permaplast Long Life Exterior Paint, Crown Paints Permacote Teflon,...

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Duracoat Self Priming Acrylic Roof Paint-water based


Duracoat Self Priming Acrylic Roof Paint-water based Product Description: Duracoat Acrylic Roof Paint is a durable and weather resistant roof...

DuraCoat Price List

Basco Products (K) Ltd has been pushing for their premium range of products, marketed under the flagship name "DuraCoat premium range". Below...

Priming Wood Surfaces

Surface preparation of wooden surfaces is vital as it ensures good long lasting adhesion. Always ensure the wood is dry. Sandpaper smooth...
basco value price list

Basco Value(BV) Economy Range Price List

Basco Products provides an economy-friendly range under the flagship name Basco Value for those who want affordable paint or a quick, price-friendly...


Ladder Features An important consideration when selling a ladder is its construction. • Wood ladders are non-conductive when clean and dry, but...

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