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Duracoat Aqua tech PW 203 Integral Waterproofing Powder Admixture 0

DuraCoat AquaTech Waterproofing Range

AquaTech PW 203 Description DuraCoat AquaTech PW 203 is an integral waterproofing powder composed of waterproofing additives in powder form, used for waterproofing cement and concrete plaster. Areas of Application For proofing roof slabs. For proofing water tanks and screed For...

exterior colour ideas and combinations 0

Stylishly Simple Exterior Colours

The exteriors are the first thing someone sees as soon as they enter your house. Hence, the rule of first impression is the last impression correctly applies here. Unlike interiors, painting your exteriors does not come with a series of...

mabati roofing 0

Mabati Gauge and Thickness; Everything You Need To Know

You’ve probably heard your fundi or contractor mention it before; Gauge 30, Gauge 28, Gauge 26, and so forth. But what does that refer to?Well, simply put, the Gauge simply refers to the thickness of your Mabati(roofing sheets) . The...


Rust Guard Metal Primer(Water based)

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The new generation water based 100% Acrylic non toxic anti-corrosive metal primer for use on degreased galvanized steel and rust free, clean dry mild steel. PRODUCT FEATURES An anti-corrosive primer suitable for use in tropical environments. Suitable for...

Durabond-Tile Adhesive 0

Durabond-Tile Adhesive

Durabond is a cementitious, polymer modified tile adhesive. It contains highest grades of cement, fillers, polymers and chemical additives to give it unique properties. Uses Durabond is suitable for fixing : Wall and floor tiles Ceramic and Mosaic tiles Granite...

DuraCoat Fungicidal Wash 0

DuraCoat Fungicidal Wash

DuraCoat Fungicidal wash is an anti-fungal solution containing potent fungicides that are effective against fungal and algae growth. Finish :Clear Advantages: Duracoat Fungicidal wash is designed for use in areas which are prone to algae or fungal attack. Such areas...


Priming Wood Surfaces

Surface preparation of wooden surfaces is vital as it ensures good long lasting adhesion. Always ensure the wood is dry. Sandpaper smooth and finely round-off sharp edges, then dust off. Oily timber should be thoroughly wiped clean with a cloth...


Priming Metal Surfaces

Different types of metals demand different systems in preparing the surface coating and decoration. The correct choise of primer is essential. In major construction such as a power station, bridges, chemical plants, industrial buildings etc steel is used and needs...

exterior colour ideas 0

Inspiring exterior colours ideas for 2021

Exterior paint schemes typically involve three colours;the dominant colour used to paint the walls, the secondary colour used to paint such areas as patios and verandas, and the trim colour, used to accent such areas as, eaves, posts and window...


San Deco-Dogamin Natural Stone finish

DOGAMIN NATURAL DOGAMIN NATURAL is an acrylic emulsion based, decorative mineral plaster with containing natural colour stones. FEATURES It is manufactured in two different sizes; 1 mm and 3mm. It is vapour permeable, enables the vapour to be thrown out...


4 Best Ways to Get Rid of Paint Oduor

Be it interior emulsions, exterior paints, or texture paints – every paint contains chemicals which release exasperating fumes. The problem of irritating odor is particularly prominent in newly painted homes. Mostly, ensuring proper ventilation can be a solution for getting...


San Deco: Decocam Glassplaster

DESCRIPTION DECOCAM is an acrylic emulsion based, decorative plaster composed with ready colour glass particles. It is suitable for interior use but there is also exterior version is available. APPLICATION AREA It is used in all kinds of interior/exterior surfaces,...


Oil based or Water based Paint?

Determining which type of paint is most suitable for you and your paint project’s needs is an important step of completing your project. Check out the below information as we break down the difference between water and oil based paints,...


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the frequently asked questions in regards to applying paints. We hope you find this informative and if you have any further inquiries, leave your questions in the comments box below and will get you answered. Facebook Comments Box

Crown Paints Ambiance Colour Chart 4

Crown Paints – Ambiance Colour Chart

The indicative Colours can be found in Crown Silk Vinyl Emulsion, Crown Permaplast Long Life Exterior Paint, Crown Paints Permacote Teflon, Crown Super Gloss, Crown Eggshell Facebook Comments Box

timberex_varnish_stain 0

Duracoat Timberex Chart

Duracoat Timberex is absorbed deeply into the timber to provide exceptional protection against wood-rotting fungi and wood-destroying insects. It is suitable for both new and previously treated timber surfaces. Timberex is based on a special type of resin that prevents...

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